The start of something beautiful?

Hey hey hey, good morning all! this is my very first post for the Big Bloom Blog (BBB) :) yup, you can see that I am not good at this at all.  I hope you are still bearing with me there.  i am just gonna use simple English to avoid any unneeded typo and grammar mistakes.

The reason I would like to start writing a bit is; well, to share my experiences for what I have gone through with Big Bloom and also my family business, which is an electronics manufacturing business (venting is the main purpose :). also to give interested parties to know more about angel investment in Hong Kong and how can we all be a part of it.

Ok, so to start i am gonna share some podcast channels and books which i find interesting for entrepreneurs and investors to listen/read. I spend a lot of time on transit (my factory is in DongGuan, China which takes me 2 1/2hrs to get there and I go there about 4 days a week), so I got some time to spend.  I usually nap, read or listen to audio books or podcast.

For podcast, a16z is great (thanks for the recommendation, Atin).  I believe it is famous within the start-ups ecosystem.  It is founded by Marc Andreessen who one should be unfamiliar with (if you don’t know him, google :). The channel is full of latest tech news and with great guests speaker from Andre Iguodala to Marc himself.  Another one is Reply All; which is not tech-related but with many fascinating real stories.  They are all great to listen while you are on transit or working out.

For books, I am currently reading “Winning without losing” by Martin Bjergegaard.  I am half way through and its very good.  It is about how to be successful with your company while not sacrificing your personal life. It is a common thinking that you got to be sacrificing some part of you life in order to be successful in business – which the book intends to prove wrong. It is made from many short pieces and actions suggested for reader to take.  1 of them is meditation, which I would give it a try as I have heard much about and recommend by different friends.  I would share on how it goes :)  other books are “0 to 1”, “Hard things about hard things” which should be very well known already.

This is probably about it this time, I wouldn’t want to go on and on and don’t know when to stop (as I will probably update on a weekly basis).  Will see you guys soon!  (damn i just saw that WordPress give me not so good analysis on my writing, i will be getting better though :)


“Nobody is gonna hit as hard as life, but it ain't how hard you can hit. It's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. It's how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning done. ”
- Rocky