The start of something beautiful?

Hey hey hey, good morning all! this is my very first post for the Big Bloom Blog (BBB) :) yup, you can see that I am not good at this at all.  I hope you are still bearing with me there.  i am just gonna use simple English to avoid any unneeded typo and grammar mistakes.

The reason I would like to start writing a bit is; well, to share my experiences for what I have gone through with Big Bloom and also my family business, which is an electronics manufacturing business (venting is the main purpose :). also to give interested parties to know more about angel investment in Hong Kong and how can we all be a part of it.

Ok, so to start i am gonna share some podcast channels and books which i find interesting for entrepreneurs and investors to listen/read. I spend a lot of time on transit (my factory is in DongGuan, China which takes me 2 1/2hrs to get there and I go there about 4 days a week), so I got some time to spend.  I usually nap, read or listen to audio books or podcast.

For podcast, a16z is great (thanks for the recommendation, Atin).  I believe it is famous within the start-ups ecosystem.  It is founded by Marc Andreessen who one should be unfamiliar with (if you don’t know him, google :). The channel is full of latest tech news and with great guests speaker from Andre Iguodala to Marc himself.  Another one is Reply All; which is not tech-related but with many fascinating real stories.  They are all great to listen while you are on transit or working out.

For books, I am currently reading “Winning without losing” by Martin Bjergegaard.  I am half way through and its very good.  It is about how to be successful with your company while not sacrificing your personal life. It is a common thinking that you got to be sacrificing some part of you life in order to be successful in business – which the book intends to prove wrong. It is made from many short pieces and actions suggested for reader to take.  1 of them is meditation, which I would give it a try as I have heard much about and recommend by different friends.  I would share on how it goes :)  other books are “0 to 1”, “Hard things about hard things” which should be very well known already.

This is probably about it this time, I wouldn’t want to go on and on and don’t know when to stop (as I will probably update on a weekly basis).  Will see you guys soon!  (damn i just saw that WordPress give me not so good analysis on my writing, i will be getting better though :)


“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life. ”
- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty