Our Approach

Do you want to date?

Investing is a lot like dating in a way. The chemistry between both parties matters most. If we don’t like each other – we will probably never get married. Even though there may not be a definite way to describe which steps we go through in our ‘dating’ process, below you can find a general guideline for interested heroes. This is roughly what you can expect when you reach out to us.

We are angel investors in Hong Kong – and we are always looking for new heroes to invest in.


Step 1: Reach out (Pitch)

Please reach out to us with your idea (Pitch). You can do that via this form – or send us an email with the necessary information. We will take a good look at your Pitch and will let you know if we are interested in investing in you.

Step 2: We like you (Business Plan)

Yeah – We think you can be one of our new heroes. We ask you to present your Business Plan to us. We will most probably ask you for some clarifications in the process.


Step 3: Is there chemistry? (Meeting)

We like your business plan and want to find out how the chemistry between our teams is. We set up a meeting (in Hong Kong or elsewhere) – which generally is quite casual. We obviously like to meet the key members of your team.


Step 4: No nasty ex-boy or girlfriends? (Due diligence)

We really like you and are seriously considering investing in you. Therefore we will ask you to complete our Due Diligence form after which we will validate this. We will discuss your financial situation, our expectations from you (frequency of updates, point and channels of communication, etc) and we negotiate terms and conditions.

Step 5: We seal the deal (Term sheets)

Yeah!  You have found your Hong Kong angel investor – and we have found our new (set of) hero(es). We will proceed to sign the term sheets and make the transfer. Success!

As an angel investor from Hong Kong, we tend to allocate most of our resources on local teams but as you can see in our portfolio, we are quite geographically and industry-diverse.

Ready to become our new hero.

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Our Approach

Are you prepared to change the world?

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”
- Star Wars